Every where I see, there are stories waiting to be told. Not every story is book worthy, but each one deserves to be seen, shared, narrated or may be just Heard.

I was always a story-teller, as long as I can recall. I remember, what I see, I can create that didn’t exist  and I can tell better than most. So, here is another story moving from Negative to Positive, from nothing to may be something…  for any one who cares to behold.


Ms. Kaur

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  1. Hi Piya, I would say that I am not at all a good reader I don’t like reading at all. Never read any novel and can count on tips fictions ever read…..idea behind this blog and the content is so good that I cudnot stop myself following you and I think I have found what I always wanted to read in this blog…..

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier and for the comment Piya. You have a lovely blog and look forward to browsing through your archives 🙂

  3. B’ful writing!! I hope and wish you sail with obedience of the will and the way of GOD who is within you 🙂 – Bik!

  4. I like your ‘from nothing to maybe something’ because that’s just it, isn’t it. Reflections just are reflections. Sometimes they’re profound, sometimes light, humourous, troubled…

    I like this 🙂

  5. i am loving the way you write. in such few words, I feel connected to you and your journey. Its a rare thing to find someone so honest about the work it takes to get words down on paper. I can relate and will be back for sure x

  6. What attracts me to your writing is the human in it. Sometimes we write to impress, to complain, to vent, or to achieve. But I can tell you don’t write for any other reason than for yourself. It is so human, the things you talk about and think of. I liked your blog immediately after I began reading for this reason.

    I can relate to you, also (and thank you!), because you first related to me through the comment on you made on one of my posts. It was nice that you shared a little bit about yourself, even on a comment as simple as the one you made.

    Keep writing! There’s people that enjoy reading it very much.

  7. You don’t say very much about yourself and so your blog is a little anonymous. I make mine very personal and try to interact with readers. I’m not even sure what country you live in.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you for stopping by. Well, that’s a valid point. I would call myself a fairly new to this blogging world, so I am still learning. I avoided details because I did not think anyone would be interested in knowing who I am. I will work on it in future and I am in India.


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