Falling in love all over again…


There was a seed I wanted to sow,

Just to get the pleasure of watching it grow…

But you know me, how I am…

I kept it somewhere and forgot it all,

Other things came by and this idea stalled.

Years went by and I never thought of it again…

But hidden somewhere that seed remained.

Today when I stumbled across the forgotten path…

I found out that dream did last.

Standing in front of me was the tree so big and green,

And it just struck me…

How lonely it must have been.

‘Neglected’ and ‘forgotten’…

It still did survive.

Tears came rolling, when I felt it smile.

So I learned…

Love does live through all the pain,

It’s upon us to find it again.


7 responses »

  1. hi there ,you are the cutest girl ,at least in the office,and i like your nature and ways of talking……such main………..see yaa dear

  2. hey..piya….

    We knew you were emotional, but poetic?

    Thats amazing..

    Wonderful thought……………. Falling in love all over again…

    Dell Email Team.

  3. I am glad you have what you always needed dear your happiness means so much . Continue being you and the world will keep going round.

  4. Wonderfully Expressed!!
    Thats the mistake we all do..we forget to live and the magic of love.

    Welcome back to the world of Hope & oppertunity…the world of love.

    This is once and will never be again..live & love at max!!

    keep going!

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