Heavenly Souls!


Those heavenly souls gasping and murmuring, asked the lord…
“And you think this is the best of what you have ever created?”
“Oh Yes!” He replied, with a smug smile.
“But look at the way its curved and molded, must have gone something wrong with the structure…”
“This wrong shall set you all right to the heaven”, is all HE said.
“But what good is it? It seems so frail!!”
HE cleared his throat,
“She is strong enough to carry you around for long, even before you will exist…
She is my dears, what I call, your passage to the mortal world below…”
Horror set through them all, followed by…
“Look at those eyes, my chest feels strange, the way she looks at me… those wicked evil eyes…”
“We must banish it …
She must not be one of us…
“Thou shall be on the mercy of your own kind for every breath you will heave…”
“One of us shall write your fate… whosoever thy shall choose to mate…”
Satisfied with the chosen words… those heavenly souls smiled. Just as lord turned his back, they threw her off the skies…
As she fell from the heavens above, they casted worst curse of all…
“And thou shall dream my love… thou shall dream till you weep”


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  1. Somehow stumbled here , since il ove to read this should be a treat 🙂 ! Hope you are doing well ! Deepest Regards and best wishes !

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