Words were like tears to me, they used to cloud my soul and start to flow at most awkward moments. When I was happy, sad or angry, only way I knew of showing, was through writing a line or two. Today, I sit idle, waiting for the tears to form or words to flow, none show up. I fail to understand why 2 most important forms of expression have deserted me without any warning. I keep looking up a line here and a line there that I left so carelessly on different places and I don’t even feel nostalgic looking at them.

I was sent a hate mail by a long lost friend today. It had accusations and words used to refer to me which I thought no decent man would use for a woman. Even then, I couldn’t summon a tear or word in reaction to that mail. I know it’s tearing me apart from the inside, but I just can’t get it out. Writing was the only way of healing I knew and now, I seem to have lost the way of life.


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  1. When you feel empty, you have to get out there and find something or someone to fill your life. December can be a time to be with people but it can also be a time to feel alone and isolated. We are alone if we don’t reach out to people.

    • Dear Mike, that’s a sensible advice, winters can both warm you with love and happiness and chill you to death of being alone. I know my trouble is, I am cut off from the world, but this blog is making me get back to life again, I wake up and look forward to each day because I know I will have friends like you to make my day. Thank you for dropping by again.

  2. You described the whole thought so beautifully, so do not get worried by words. Words will fall on its face, if you will try to bring those thoughts on paper.

  3. Sometimes we can’t find the words, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost the ability to write, any more than running out of food means we’ve forgotten how to eat. It sounds as though your feelings are so intense that they’ve made you numb. Take good care of yourself and the people you love. The words will come.

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