Please forgive me, but I love, love no more


Now, this may give you the picture of a sad, heartbroken girl, sobbing alone or a person grown cold of being treated wrong. My bad for starting like that, but fortunately I am none of those. I am happily married for almost a year, to the man I have loved for more than 7 years now… but still I wish to be in love no more.


I will tell you why… I grew up being rebellion, breaking rules and redefining boundaries, only to get one thing that my love has taken away – Freedom.

Trust me my friend, that word is more dramatic than it sounded when you heard it in brave heart and more inspiring than a beautiful love song.

 Freedom is what I always wanted, freedom is what I long. Being in love with a man like mine, means you are going to be protected from the world outside and the world in your head, so consider your freedom gone.  You will be watched like a child and will be swept in arms even if you think you may have just touched a rock.

 If you are beginning to think, I am unappreciative of the care I am given, picture losing the ability to move about, because your loved ones are afraid of seeing you get hurt. Picture, not being able to decide what you would like to eat or wear, because it may not be best for you, imagine not being able to take a hobby class or meet a friend, because that means commuting, and that’s a risky thing to do.  

I have been in love with the idea of being in love, longer than I can recall, however now I know, it comes with a hefty price tag and it’s always up to us to decide if we can afford it at all.


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  1. Because you experience this love…doesn’t mean that all experiences of being in love go the same way. Reading your post I can’t help but wonder… protective or controlling? Only YOU know the answer to that…

    • I have been in relationships and I am no fool to expect a perfect love… in my 28 years, I have learnt, there is always a price one pays, to keep someone you love in your life, not necessarily a romantic relation, but anyone you care about. I know what you pointing at, but knowing that I have caused him to turn like this cause he has seen me hurt to the level of vanishing, I feel sorry for putting him in a spot like that. I am trying to loosen the pressure here, I am sure I will get it fixed soon.

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