for a bride to be…


This one is for a Friend who I know, needed me to note this down for her.

Couple of years ago, I was travelling with a friend of mine whose car was famous for breaking down often. We were in dense fog, out on the road, on an early winter morning and his car broke down. That 2 hours time, wasted in trying not to freeze to death, got me thinking, why this supposedly reliable piece of machine would fail him often?

 It wasn’t hard to guess, apart from being covered in pigeon do do all over, it lacked regular maintenance. Why wouldn’t it give up on him too?  He totally deserved it.

But that’s about things, they need to be taken care of, what about our body?

We often complain about not feeling as young as we used to be once (even though we might be just 25) or not being in shape, when we rarely put a thought to its regular oil change.

This friend of mine is actually my husband’s first cousin and is getting married next month. But instead of shopping and wedding dress, her mind is clouded with the unwanted pimples all over her face. She never had acne problem but these days it seems to be out of control. On digging a little dipper I found that she had bad digestion for long and her eating hobbits are out of control.

Our body works on the same simple rule as computers, GIGO( garbage input, garbage output), even though it has a lot more patience than your computer would. Bad digestion can lead to a lot of problems, leading from stomach ache, back ache (yes it does), bloating, bad skin, lethargy and list is endless.

If you are thinking of your physical well being then here are a few things you should try even before you consider gym.

  1. Fix the time for your meal: ever heard of body clock? Yes, our body likes to work on a time table and when we chose to eat whenever we like, it distorts our digestion cycle, leaving it confused. Fix the time for your meals and don’t vary for more than 30 minutes.
  2. Heavy to light: Keep your breakfast heavy in quantity, to provide you with enough energy for the day and reduce the amount with each meal, making your dinner small in portion and only enough to let you sleep in the night. (it’s hard to have good sleep on an empty stomach)
  3. Don’t mix liquid with food: try to avoid drinking too much water or anything cold while eating. It’s a good idea to drink a glass of water 15 minutes before you start eating and have another after 30 minutes of each meal.
  4. Spare munching:  eating snacks in between meals is a bad idea; try to have something with fiber like a plate of salad or fruit instead of any packed snack.
  5. Carry a carrot: in winters carrots are best you can have in easy to carry snack. Pack your bag with 2 carrots a day to have a glowing and healthy skin. It’s good for eyes too.  
  6. Water water water: this one is no brainer, have a lot of water during the day to keep yourself hydrated, for a healthy body and good skin.
  7. Early dinner: have you dinner at least an hour (ideally 2) before you sleep and don’t eat anything post that.  You can brush your teeth after 15 minutes of having dinner to stop yourself from unwanted munching  
  8. Don’t waste taste:  don’t overdo on salt, sugar and fat (oil, butter etc.) whenever cooking or eating try to preserve the natural flavor of the food. Like you can skip sugar to anything made out of banana as it is already very sweet.
  9. Don’t starve or diet: Now while I suggest that you don’t over eat, it’s also important that you don’t go without a meal. Whenever we chose to skip a meal, our body treats it as an emergency and hangs on to all that it has inside, leaving you with bloated stomach and bad skin.
  10. A Lone time: In the morning before you get on with your day; give yourself at least 5 to 10 minutes when you are doing nothing, mental or physical. You can browse idly through a magazine or pictures to get yourself ready to freshen up.   It’s a bad idea to go to the washroom till you are really ready.

Now, I am no doctor, but I have learnt these tips to keep myself healthy and slim in past few years. You can check with your physician before trying any of these.


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  1. Great Post with great advice !!! So many people…and I’m guilty of it myself…have taken better care of a car, computer, pet…then we do our OWN BODIES ! I’m working very hard to change that myself. We will put premium gas in our fancy sports cars, but don’t want to spend the time to cook good, real food. ONE life….ONE body….that’s what I keep reminding myself.

    • I am with you on it 100%, however I believe you give yourself little credit for your actions. You are doing good and getting better with each step you take. 1 step at a time, love. Rome was not built in a day.

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