Parallel to unparalleled existance…


Like a dialog by Meg Ryan in ‘You got mail’,

 “Sometimes I wonder about my life. I lead a small life. Well, valuable, but small. And sometimes I wonder… do I do it because I like it? Or, because I haven’t been brave.”      

I have been a daughter, a sister, a father, a mother, a brother too, now a wife and a daughter in law. I have been a mentee, a coach, a trainer and manager. I have met people who have shaped me into, who I am today. I have touched lives and hope, to be remembered by them. I have been liked, loved and hated, sometimes by the same people. That’s the life I lead, small yet valuable. When I am gone, I know I will be missed.   

But there is another world, up in my head. Where I create universe, make people, fight wars, fall in love and have constant dialogs. I have ideas and dreams, hopes and wishes. I talk and listen, and build some more dreams. I was once told by someone that my subconscious mind is stronger than conscious, now I believe that to be true, because here in this world, I feel more at home. For years, I have fought to silent my thoughts because I was afraid of being laughed at. But now I can’t wait to get it out, on this sheet.  I want to write till I bring justice to the voice that was killed, to keep the life going. I want to be free and heard.

Yes, I want to take my parallel world to an unparalleled stream.


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  1. This post is beautiful!

    I love how you don’t let the stresses of daily life wear down your ability to perceive and feel, and most importantly, write!

    You are a great writer, but more than that, you are real and free, something that is hardly ever seen, because those who have the talent are afraid to share it. So yes, don’t be afraid to unleash the voice and be heard. 🙂

  2. We learn everyday a bit more about ourselves. And with each day you find more of that brave within you. I get these words and understand them as my own.
    ” make people, fight wars, fall in love and have constant dialogs. I have ideas and dreams, hopes and wishes. I talk and listen, and build some more dreams.”
    I do the same. Split personalities I often wonder? Two different worlds? Lives? or many more than that? You will will never be laughed at within the confines of your own walls….but keeping you there will never satisfy you. Take the risk and always share……I look forward to it my friend.

    • aww… i dont know your name, yet i get up each day exicted to check your blog… “what is ‘Her muddy socks’ doing today, how will she make me want to be more brave?” i love your posts and comments even more… so stick around and i will try hard, not to let you down.

  3. This one is a brilliant post and an honest one. The most difficult job for a writer, is to bring an honest thought in to his/her writing honestly. For me this one is one among them. You did a great job with this post.

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