Dark Angel



First thing I noticed, was his dark hair, I opened my eyes a little more, to see him sleeping on the chair, by the bed. I don’t remember how he found me or where I was…

I recalled, it’s been three days I haven’t slept; my eyes looked like, as if stoned. In my struggle to open the drawer and pop a pill, my body had failed again. A voice in my head kept on shouting, like a throbbing vein, “you need to learn to sleep without them, you can’t be like this for long.” And I had to get out of my home.

“His eyes must be dark too”, I wondered. He caught me looking at him, as I was drifting in and out.
I could almost swear, I saw a horn and tail, but when he smiled, it was the best I had seen.
He asked me to take some more rest and I fell asleep without a stall.
It’s been years since then, I sleep like a child in your arms every night. There’s not a day, I have been without you. How will I even breathe if you were ever gone?


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  1. ahhhh….I’ve typed and erased numerous times now. I read this….and was like ” ah ha, yes….Love her writing.” Then I start trying to put it into words why …but I can’t.
    A struggle …one that many are burdened with. Good and Evil within ones self…a constant battle. Though he may have a tail and horns, he comforts you. A point of comfort that without him you aren’t sure that you would even be able to breathe….a bit of darkness…in exchange for such a feeling? …. anything less, wouldn’t be real.
    Keep writing my friend…keep writing…. !

    • :D, There are things worth dying for, and then, there are things you can’t stop living. While I am ready to die for the first, I would sell my soul rather gladly for the later, Love included.

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