My first copyright conflict!


(I am totally not in the mood to write today, but I promised to pen something on every week day, so here is my half heart summary of my not so perfect Saturday.)

The obvious golden glow of warm winter sun tricked me this Saturday into doing something really dumb. Not that I don’t claim myself to be a true blonde, but this one has broken all the records that were there till day.

Well, I told my darling husband about my blogging habit, Sigh!

What’s wrong with that?


I not only told him about my photo blog but literally dragged him to take a look.

I hate to admit that he is a better photographer than I and has taught me all the tricks. So what started with a quiet Click! Click! Of tongue, moved to occasional feedback and suddenly ended with a long stern stare at this pic.

The image is thankfully borrowed from

‘You dint click this one’, he said in his scary low tone.  

Of course I did! Remember when we took that trip!

And I saw his eyebrow going up. He quickly opened his system, showed me the date and time stamp when it was clicked, true enough it was clicked by his camera and there were more than one picture of the same spot. We generally use different cameras but his being better, I borrow often enough.  I was so sure about it being my work, but now I no longer know.

‘Do you want me to take it off? ‘

‘No, but you dint click it you should know. ‘

“It will be mine, with everything else, if I chose to leave you today”, (I bit my tongue knowing it wasn’t wise thing to say. )

This sucks! Even before I got famous and rich, people have started claiming my work. 😦

I am going to take this picture off my blog but till then you can sneak a peek.


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  1. Ok….so I’m wondering where you are.? You just said yesterday …that you made a promise to write everyday. Lucky ( unluckily ) you have found someone to hold you to that ! I myself…am never that crazy to make such promises 😉 Hope all is ok on your end my friend….


    • 😀 I am just pleased to have found someone to bully me around on this. Sorry her highness! I couldn’t report yesterday, I was out in the field. But I am sure I can make up for it in the coming days.

      • Ok….you are forgiven 😉 Out in the field ? Is the field ” Macy’s” because I could’ve sworn I met you Monday while shopping. This girl ..who looked crazily close to you was helping me. She was very soft spoken…and it was ackward for her to speak to me, as it was me to her. Her embarrassed smile kept saying ” yep, it’s me!” I kept thinking….” this would be just a bit too crazy..unreal.”
        Anyway’s I’m sure the ” field” …didn’t mean Jersey. 😉

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