The Curse


The Curse

Those heavenly souls gasping and murmuring, asked the lord…
“And you think this is the best of what you have ever created?”
“Oh Yes!” He replied, with a smug smile.
“But look at the way its curved and molded, must have gone something wrong with the structure…”
“This wrong shall set you all right to the heaven”, is all HE said.
“But what good is it? It seems so frail!!”
HE cleared his throat,
“She is strong enough to carry you around for long, even before you will exist…
She is my dears, what I call, your passage to the mortal world below…”
Horror set through them all, followed by…
“Look at those eyes, my chest feels strange, the way she looks at me… those wicked evil eyes…”
“We must banish it …
She must not be one of us…
“Thou shall be on the mercy of your own kind for every breath you will heave…”
“One of us shall write your fate… whosoever thy shall choose to mate…”
Satisfied with the chosen words… those heavenly souls smiled. Just as lord turned his back, they threw her off the skies…
As she fell from the heavens above, they casted worst curse of all…
“And thou shall dream my love… thou shall dream till you weep”

                                                  And with that curse I was born. I, the girl as you can tell, arrived in this world on an early spring morning after a long wait. My mom’s cousin had already gone back home to her own kids as I dint show up till about 2 weeks past the expected date. Don’t blame me! I am sure they got the day wrong. Even with my usual not so punctual self, I am certain I couldn’t have missed the mark so bad.

Younger to a brother I was the first daughter, the predecessor of, 3 more, waiting to turn up at the same doorstep. Even with the angel (the dark one) like brother, watching me over, I was quite a handful child. Hence while reading this text, many a times you will wonder, why this almost funny, ordinary life turned out to be so complicated. It’s all about dreams fellas; it’s the dreams that ruin the perfect lives. It’s the dreams that can make you turn in bed like if you were already in the grave. It’s these reckless dreams that make you want to be someplace else even when you don’t know where or why.  That’s why, I am the one with curse, cursed to dream till I weep.

 To be continued…


2 responses »

  1. And you’ve never written a book before ?? Your words and imagination leave me speachless. Truly…
    Yes…you are right on this. I will keep bullying you around until I see my name in the forward 😉
    So…the next piece to the puzzle is the dark one. He is a protector to you and maybe much older?
    CAN’T wait for the continued…

    • 😀 Oh you flatter me Holly! You should quit f***ing with me one of these days! You make me believe I could own the sky, when I don’t even have the wings… foreword or not but you will see your name in everything I write again.

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