Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!


Couple of days back, or may be more, I decided to get lost. I wasn’t out for vacation, I didn’t turn in for a nice holiday at home, I just got lost. I needed to vanish, to work my way back in, in my head, in my heart, in my home and above all, in my life. I always believed that in a life, every so often we get these magical days, months or a year when things change for good on their own.

I remembered 2002 for my first job, 2004 for getting into a great company, 2005 for meeting my sweetheart, 2008 for a great career, 2010 & 11 for getting engaged and married and so on. Who needs to worry or work when the universe blesses you so often with great things on its own!



Recently I realized, there are no life changing moments, only long hours of hard work and wait for the result. The result that changes lives in turn, in one magical hour or day.

The surprise parties, the magic shows, the breath-taking ceremonies or fire works that follow, are the moments we see, but they rise from the days and days burnt at the altar of  contemplating dreams, making plans, working till you know you couldn’t do no more.

So today, on the last day of 2011, I don’t hope for a great year ahead, I only pray that the hard work that all of us have put forward in the parting 365 days and nights, pays off well for another magical day.

Happy New Year!


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  1. It’s really interesting how the New Year seems to create a blank slate for a new beginning. So much opportunity and possibilities to pursue. However, I totally agree how there seems to be nothing more than long hours and hard work. But what I’ve found is that it really pays off in the end. Really!

    Hopefully you have a great New Year 😀

    • Thank you for stopping by friend. I agree. Universe has a beautiful law… nothing ever goes wasted. With the work put in, something always comes out and learning is most under rated result of that. wish you the same.

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