We have seen it in the movies! We have read it in the books!

Some of us might even have lived it in the past.

There is always a day, when nothing goes right and when you think the worst has already happened, someone would take you to the new low. He will show you the mirror in the nastiest way and you would wish you were never born. But once the blow is over you could either spend the night crying and cursing the cruel one or grab a paper and pen to make notes, where did you go wrong, what can you do now, to never let anyone talk to you ever again the way that person did.

 We all need our alchemist to test us, to break us, to take us to the traps we would be tested in, till we succeed. The journey is never pretty, but end, my friend, end is always in our hands.  

Not so long ago, someone shook me to my very core.

 My Reaction –

 To be honest, I am one of those, who are naturally born, to grab a box of Kleenex at every opportunity and drown themselves in self-pity and sleep soundly on a very wet pillow, to wake up to being the same miserable selves, the very next day. It’s a survival technique, nothing rubs on us for long, so we continue to exist.  

Only, if only, I had continued to be that way! To my dismay, I chose to evolve, to take the game to a new level (hopefully not lower). So I spent that night thinking of my wrong ways. Today however I feel so proud of myself, because not only have I surprised myself with my ability to improve so quickly, I have left my critique speechless too.

My current success is what Paulo Coelho would have called the beginners luck.

  • Nonetheless, I seem to have taken control over my home. (Yes! Going to be a super home maker! I suck at it, as if now.)
  • I have already finished 2 books in 4 days. (50 is what I wish to achieve by the end of this year and in my defense they were small with about 200 pages each)
  • I am totally consistent on anything I am committing to!

 It’s only the start, I know, I have long way to go.

So, did any one shook you up lately?


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  1. There’s nothing noble about the Kleenex/Paul Coelho stuff. Better to go out and have a good time. Your writing is good, keep at it, have a good time, and help others.

  2. It takes one step and with a huge heart that believes and strives to succeed, nothing is impossible. I’m happy to know you are going towards the things that you want that will make you happy. It’s an inspiring post that serves to motivate us all to follow our dreams in 2012. Happy New Year!

  3. Keep evolving…that’s what life is about !! I’m determined to read more this year too. I recently got a Kindle …and now I’m reading more than I ever have !

  4. Shattered on the eve of New Year. A simple misjudgement of my intentions by the person I valued the most has caused me the emotional misery that I am in right now. Box of Kleenex, wet pillows, deep in the valley of self pity…I am experiencing it all right this minute. Despite the image of confident posterior and bold words, I am broken. I know this is only a phase and it will pass. I wish this will be the last time that I let another human being to play with my feelings.

    • Shamidha, I hope that’s what your name is my friend. I don’t know your reasons, but I know the pain, Heartache, bad enough to make you want to die, still nothing seems to change. No cure but a wait and a hope that it would get better with time. Pain is a great inspiration, it makes us create masterpieces, we didn’t know we had in us. See, you are out here, already doing it, sharing your beautiful words. You know you will heal, we all do, but use this time to get connected to your heart. Know, for a shoulder or an inspiration, we all are here, I am here! And I know You will grow strong.

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