Being run over by dreams!


Thud… thud… thud…

I am not sure, if the loud bang is of my feet hitting the pavement, or my heart, beating loud in my chest. I try to synchronize the noise to the unwelcome thoughts in my head.

My failed attempts of keeping peace outside are beginning to fade away, as the clouds of the dark thoughts take over my sole existence.

The voices, the noises, the places, all that, I don’t want to see, I don’t want to hear, are looming over my head, like a giant shadow.

I run, run faster, hoping to escape, but only feel more torn in my gut.

“You can never run away from who you are!” I hear it again and again as I speed up.

“Play a different song”, I tell myself. “Keep running!”, “it’s just a dream!” I hear my voice like a distant thought.

I am still running, only to find, that I have reached the end of the road. I hear the loud dark shadows catching up on me. I know, I must turn and face my worst fears, but I just fall to the ground wishing, I was someplace else.


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  1. ” I must turn and face my worst fears…” I too have tried running but we can’t really escape who we are, or our past or the pains that we went through. We can face those fears though, slowly, one day at a time. It helps to have family and friends to help us go through life’s challenges as well as pick us up when we fall down. Wishing your all the best…

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