In between!


Wow.. It sure feels good to be back! WordPress is like a home, in a thin air that hangs somewhere between your High head and warm heart. What a month or rather year that has dawned on this side of the world! I no longer live in my year old home, my car is gone and so is my partner. I have already relocated twice, will be shifting again tomorrow and still would take another 2 months to finally reach where I need to be. I haven’t lived with my parents in 10 years but now I am living with my In-laws. It sure feels funny.

Talking about life being funny, its amazing, how this universe gets you ready for the time ahead. I have always observed myself learning faster when I am thrown in the sea of uncertainties, hardships and annoyance and boy in past 27 days I sure have grown at least by 5 years.  So much of paper work, anger, love, happiness, frustration, anticipation and relatives (my partner’s) have been thrown in my way that this world doesn’t seem the same any more. And I am talking about all this in good sense. I always thought myself to be the most depressing soul I had ever met, but it’s amazing how things are making me better in every possible way. I will be in Europe in next 2 months and I feel so ready for it already. I am no longer afraid of the cold and I can hardly wait to start my career again. I know this post was more like a rambling than of being any literal significance but it sure helped me get my last one month out. Will be back soon.


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