Being lost on Dutch land!


Okay so finally after 3 months of wait, I landed in Germany on Saturday and then moved to Netherlands within hours. Once the initial weekend of being shown around, fixing the house and being tired got over, I realized I was alone. No body speaks English here, not till they are prompted to, hell, there is no one to talk to! First 3 days, I was just bewildered, mesmerized, lost on the streets, mesmerized some more and then ended up frustrated. Its not just about foreign land, this place is not cheap and first time in 10 years I realized I am not the one earning here. Anyways with initial cold start, I have decided to be little less irritated and be more fun. So tomorrow onwards I am going to register my journey of exploring this Dutch city, street by street on word press and as for today, I am going to add a few random clicks I did with my phone.

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    • Hi Roger,

      I think I know what you mean… i will keep that in mind. i like this place… thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a word.

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