A Bakery, A Flower shop and A Girl


Now, may be she was too old to be called a girl, but there was definitely a bakery and a flower shop involved.

She always wanted to be a story-teller


May be run a shop (a bakery or a flower shop), she could never be sure.

She went through life, like a lost butterfly, never knowing which flower to stop at, which fragrance to pick.

About the stories though, there were always too many!

Every road she ever walked on, seemed like wanting to be talked about, every building, wanted to be heard. There were stories all around and once again she was lost on what to pick and hold.

Despite of the entire buzz around, no story ever came out of her shiny ink pen, till one day, when she ended up on a ‘Y Road’. Not only was it a beautiful road, but it also had a Bakery and Flower shop, both at the same end. She sat there for hours feeling lost and elated at the same time, not knowing what to do. She buzzed in and out of her favorite shops, still not recalling what was it she wanted to do.

Days passed by and the happiness faded away by the heat of shear boredom, doing nothing was not easy after all…


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    • Thank you. Your kind words definitely help me keeping my attempts going… i want to write so bad that it almost hurts but still i dont… i dont know why i dont… but i am trying to get around it…

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