FridayFictioneers – where the sun shines


Photo credit belongs to Douglas McIlroy

I couldn’t feel my feet. “I should have taken the snow shoes”, I cursed under the breath that was getting scarce, with every step forward.

I had taken off, the day before, in a fit of emotions. No Maps, no plans, no destination but also no meetings, planners and stress. My car gave up as soon as it turned dark over the valley, but I walked on, determined to find a morning, better than my usual ones.

Just as I was about to fall, being tired, cold and lost for whole night, I found the rising sun, right around the next mountain, shining down on me.

** this story was born to be part of Friday Fictioneers fun gang.


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    • Dear Carlos,

      I hope you enjoy telling the story of getting lost, even though it may not have been so much fun then. but the hope survives… Always… Thank you for stopping by… Stay connected.

      • It’s a testament to how well you wrote that all of those questions popped into my head. Plus, I wanted more! I look forward to reading what you come up with! Oh, and thanks for the compliment 🙂

    • Hello friend….

      that’s kind of you to say, even though i am much better with few words than long stories.. but i am sure we can work on this one….

      Really appreciate your encouragement.

      Stay connected.

    • Dear Craig,

      I lived this feeling for 10 years, and i am sure a lot of us still do… but here is, to hope to find what we love and love what we find.

      Stay connected.

    • Dear Karmic Diva,

      I think its just like life… we all arrive lost without much tools but we do find hope and our share of sun shine…

      Thank you for leaving your thoughts… Stay connected.

  1. Thanks for joining our fun! I too liked the hope in your story. It was a forbidding picture to me and I wondered what everyone else would come up with.

    • Dear Madison,

      I cant thank you enough for doing what you do… even though people like me may never really get anywhere with words, you still give us an opportunity, to connect to a world that may never join our lives… even if it is only on Fridays every week.

      Stay connected.

  2. One thing that has been noticeable in this weeks photo prompt is the amount of hope showing through and I loved this one. I could just imagine the frustration and then the lightening of a load. It feels like it could be so much more than just this few words – a full story or the beginnings of a novel maybe?

    here’s mine for others in case they’re interested: Here’s mine:

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