I am ashamed….


There is a video getting circulated on facebook, showing a woman beating a baby. The comments match the violence in the video too, only this time they are targeting the woman in question.  Even though I couldn’t bear to watch it for more than 30 seconds, I still couldn’t summon violence against the woman either. What it brought instead was, shame, pain, guilt and feeling of estrangement from the world around.

I don’t care if the woman should be shot, hanged or run over by a truck for being a monster; I am too concerned about the one taping it. Just like each one of us, silent witness, turning the account into something of an amusement, never stopping or hindering the wrong being done to the child.

Isn’t that what we all do, watch and narrate the wrong we see every day to each other, like being around of the sheer wrong makes us some kind of a star? The stories of accidents, mugging, murders, cruelty, why do they grab our attention over the acts of kindness and love.

I am ashamed of being one of this world, where we need a television show to be reminded of all the wrong being done by us, Where a video inspires more violence than an action against the crime, where we have admitted to our impotent minds and hearts calling it way of life.


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  1. I often feel this way about myself, when I see an injustice that enrages me and the only action I take is to complain about it to others instead of doing something real.

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