Living on the side line!


*** This story is part of Camp NaNoWriMo hence, it is an unedited version of the story i probably would like to fix in future.

I know it’s just a photograph, just like any other – the kinds you saw in ‘Jerry Maguire’! The one with Tom Cruise’s shoulder, except this time, that shoulder belongs to me. Now, I know its just a picture, and I was little off the focus anyhow, so it shouldn’t bother me, right?


I mean, this is how it has always been, starts with me being everything and ends with me being just a limb, I shoulder – to cry on, climb on and easy to forget and move on.

It all started long ago, when I was taught just one thing…Make money!

And make money I did. Although, I learnt another thing, to spot a talent, and then to attract the biggest bum with talent in town. So they called me a Resource/Talent Manager.

I met men after men, sometimes women too (not for the same reason) who were sinking low in life and needed me (a shoulder).

Shouldn’t I be some sort of ‘selfless, doing the good for others’ sort of soul?

But I am not, I am tired of being used and then left with nothing, not even thank you.

Anyhow, this particular photograph is about a different story, it’s about a hero in making, it’s about hard work, tears, hopes, stress, love and his side kick.

Being hero is obviously not easy, first you need to have a talent, which is not so common these days. Then you need someone who would believe that you do have a talent. That first person who believes in you, sees you as you want to be, may be on some future day is the key here.

While people write about heroes all the time, I want to focus on the side kick, that one man/woman behind all the success – that cut out shoulder who is never talked about.

How does it feel to be the one, always on the side line?


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      • For me and most of the people I hang with, heroes are fire fighters, police officers, EMT’s, soliders, etc. People who save lives and property. Sports stars, movie stars, recording stars, television stars, even business executives and the people who create iPhones, Xboxes, etc., just don’t fit into the Heroes category.

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