Who’s the Boss?


Not so long ago, I cursed every Wednesday for having to report to someone for our weekly business reviews. I remember swearing almost daily for finding a way to never having to work for some one else.

Well I should have known better!

Image is thankfully taken from http://k-jiun.blogspot.nl/

In 10 years of my career in corporates, I have reported to almost 10 people and have managed more than 300 people either directly or indirectly, but I am the hardest to handle of them all.

Today, as I only have to manage myself, I realise how hard it is to keep me motivated and productive and at the same time I have learned that I am hardest to please, making me the worst boss around.

I bow to my Bosses for doing an excellent job in getting the work done from me and more so, I think all those who had to work for me are real heroes for surviving the trauma I made them go through.


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