Dear God, Are you listening?


Do you believe in GOD??

I know, just yesterday I posted about Sex, Porn and Other stuff and today I am starting with the second, wait, may be THE most controversial thing/Person/Power in this world (No offence intended, GOD).

No, I am not trying to Mock anyone, especially not the Almighty here, for I sure do believe in him and that he is definitely male.

Now, how else would you explain all the complexities he has put us, the feeble women through. I don’t see any man having mood swings. I only see them Switching between, Eat, Work, Sex and Sleep, oh and yes laugh at stupid #$%^#& Fart Jokes, not necessarily in the same order.

Don’t think I am PMSing here and taking it all out on GOD and all his male kind. I am just sick and tired of going through this emotional upheaval every other day. One day I am riding the high horse and the very next I can barely drag myself out of my sack.

I am _ _ years old, well lets just say I am not a young-one any more and I am tired of,‘still trying to figure myself out’ act.

I say, Dear Lord! you better sort this whole thing out for me or I am gonna get you, sooner or later, I am gonna get you Good!


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  1. Good quote, Andy! George Carlin is the best. Here’s what I’ve discoverd in my almost 4 decades on the planet – guys never grow up. They always behave like a scared child and then they take it out on those closest to them. I wish you luck, Reflections, in figuring it all out. And when you do, let me know, alright? Hugs to you and here’s to hoping that things go better in the very near future!

  2. I see what your problem is, and I do agree with you. Do you know George Carlin?
    Anyway, he said that women are crazy and and men are stupid. But the reason for women to be crazy is, that men are stupid. I hope you figure it all out some day…

    By the way, I am a new blogger, and I would be happy if you could take a look at my blog some time! 🙂

    Have a nice day!
    – Andy

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