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WordPress, is not just a notepad, but also a place I get to read, know the writer a bit and share a feeling of ease. Since, most of the blogs that I used to follow have either disappeared with time or have turned into something I can’t relate to, so I am out again, looking for fresh blog roll…

My purpose here is, to find a good blog, enjoy what I find, and take the learning with me. I do not expect a Quid pro quo, hence please don’t feel obligated to like a post I wrote or follow the blog just because I did the same.

My Pick of the day!

July 26’12


Today I found Robin, or I think NortumBrianlight found me. It’s a simple blog, soaked in the scent of wisdom, gathered with years of being around. I like it, for the simplicity of topics and beautiful, non-complicated choice of words. The posts are short, hence you don’t have to worry about leaving it for later, if you are short on time.  

**Image is thankfully borrowed from, “http://vectoravenue.com/design/vector-of-a-woman-reading-fine-print-with-a-magnifying-glass-by-ron-leishman-2063


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