As I stepped out for a quick run,

Dear GOD,

There she was, again!

I cursed under my breath,

As she smiled, and waved,  Hi!


I didn’t know,

are we friends again??

I hate your guts,

Hate the smile.

Stopped in my steps,

I motioned you in,

“Why don’t you come around?

We can sit and have a chat!”

She stalled a bit,

Then decided to sit.

Smiling, urging me to go on.

“You know honestly,

I have nothing nice to say,

You have been a betrayer,

A cruel slayer…

You have done nothing but wrong.”

I looked up, searched her eyes,

Where any sign of remorse was yet to be found.

Disappointed and bitter, I sharpened my words,

I sighed and shifted,

Getting myself ready, for the next round.

“You are a liar,

You have made me cry,

If, for you,

by now, I would have died.

You have no shame,

You play mind games,

I just don’t get it,

Why or how?”

Sinking in low,

I gritted my teeth,

Clenched my grip,

Tensing all up,

Till every muscle twitched…

“My dear life,

You will have no more,


you are nothing,


but a self-righteous bitch!”


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