Stepping Up!


Last year, I read Chicken soup for writers soul. The book is amazing and leaves you with a lot to think about. Even though the book was filled with stories from all sorts of writers, but one just stood out to me. I do not remember the name of the writer or the fine details, but I remember, that her mother used to make up tons of stories for them, she used to tell them about the books she will write someday, never really penning a word.

That’s really how it is with me all the time. On most average days, I pan out about three to four stories in my awake hours, all in my head,  sadly enough hardly any of them ever make it to the paper.

Why do I do that?

Is it just because I am too lazy?

Or am I afraid, that I wont be able to do justice to the concept, it deserves?

Regardless of the reasons, I feel its time to change my ways, without caring about the out come, I will just type away every story that is crying out loud to be told,  for any one who cares.

**Image is work of  Neathasha Neat Pieces, and has been thankfully borrowed from her on line portfolio.  


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  1. First – the little green mushroom man above is spam, try and avoid him 🙂

    Second – You are writing! I see it in your beautiful blogs! Please keep them going because the ideas are wonderful 🙂

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