Walking towards a Dream!


Not so long ago, after years of being afraid, busy, lazy and a lot more, I finally ran out of excuses. I wasn’t getting any younger and I finally did not have any reason to not do what I thought, I always wanted to do. Its a scary feeling, when you don’t have any reason to hide behind, anyone to blame, for not chasing your dreams.  So here I am, after long sulking, I finally gave in and came up with Loud Frame.

Loud Frame, is a Digital Art Studio, where I am currently working and producing photographic art for the collectors across the globe.  Since its just a beginning, I will fine tune the details later (the website, the FB page and more), right this moment I just want to share the news with the bunch of nicest people I have (actually never met!) ever known. There have been moments when my blogging buddies have been more real than the real world out there…

PS. – If any of you are ever interested in any of the work, Please don’t forget to ask for Family discount!



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