“Luck is a fancy word used too often to disguise the years of back breaking work!”

If you just read the above line and thought I must be the ungrateful kinds who has forgotten GOD and all his blessings, read again. If it made you think that its my arrogance that i speak such words I insist that you give it a second thought. If you think I am blaming others for belittling my hard work, am afraid you may have to reconsider.

Let me explain…

The above statement is neither a challenge nor a blame, its a mere reflection on how we all think on an average given day. I, for instance, have rejected my failures on the name of bad luck for years. I have been jealous of those who achieved the goals while I sat there cursing my stars. But if I was to poke a little deeper and pick on each action taken by those ‘lucky ones’, in comparison to my own, the only difference found was the lack of any such action at my end.

While I do believe, that being born and perishing away are the sheer play of God, every thing that happens in between is driven by us all. There is always a choice between, easy or hard, right or wrong, now or later, yes or no and we pick our cards. While most of us do it blindly, taking the easier option whenever they can,there do exist a few, very few, who do play by the rules. They know right from wrong, they face their fears, they work till dawn and only God knows after how many nights spent without sleep, result in that one ‘lucky’ strike, that one hand of ‘fate’, that changes it all.


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  1. Too true. Something that I truly believe in is that God will be there for you. He won’t just hand you opportunities but you have to go out and make those opportunities. Then things are always bound to happen. Great post.

    And hope you’re doing well! 🙂

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