Grieving heart!


angel-of-grief1Earlier this week  body of an infant was found in the back alley in our neighborhood. We live in a very calm n safe city, I couldn’t believe that anyone here was capable of such horrific act. it left me dumbfounded and I couldn’t get the baby out of my head the whole day.

May be I felt specially sensitive because those days my closest Friend’s new born was struggling for her life. She was born premature with a faulty heart. That little angel fought bravely for couple of weeks but gave in day before yesterday. And here I am like a fool, I can’t stop the tears from flowing. I am not a parent and yet I can’t seem to be able to detach myself from the pain of losing a child.

My heart is filled with anguish for the people who can throw away the tiny miracle of life on a dirty street like trash!

My heart can’t stop mourning for the loss of a mother who didn’t get to take her baby home!!

I firmly believe in GOD, I was raised to believe in God’s will. But for the first time in a long time I couldn’t seem to figure out his reasons and just when I thought of reminding him on how lousy a job he is doing down here, story of Bhishma Pitamah popped into my head. It felt like a bucket of ice cold water on my face. While our hearts will continue grieving for those innocent souls, I do believe now that those fallen angels are finally back home.

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  1. I lost my first born son, who was 20 on December 30th of 2013. I could not understand or even fathom for a while why my God would take this amazing young man away. A young man that had thousands vome to say goodbye to him in our tiny town. My sister lost her baby shortly after he was born years before and it was easy to accept it as God’s will. I later, after much soul searching, do not understand but I am coming to terms with the need for him to be in his heavenly home rather than here. My pastor friend says not to question but to look for signs.

    • Dear brokenmother,

      I can’t begin to imagine your pain. The heaviest burden in this world is that of lost child. I wish GOD gives you the strength to carry on. You are in my prayers.

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