Being thirty something….


I turned 31 this 7th. I can’t claim to have embraced the fact with whole my heart. Weeks leading up to the date were filled with dread, depression and unexplained complaints. While some of it could be contributed towards events occurring around me, but most of it was caused by the terror that had set deep within.  Suddenly I was very aware of the time slipping away with so much yet to be done.


I couldn’t keep calm till I decided to do something different this year. Instead of the usual gift of books this year I decided to give myself 30 days of anti-procrastination campaign. I started on 8th of this month and I have still a few days to go and I can’t believe how much I have done in past few days.

I sat down and made a list of things that seem to be weighing my down. Like unfinished art works, projects around the house, Promised portraits that are yet to be delivered, My “Master the  German” dream and phone calls that I have dreaded to make.  The list goes on and on.  My days seem to have taken a new life as I sit and make plan for the things to be done the next day. Routines are getting established as each task is seamlessly finding its way in my things-to-do that day.

I am writing this down here so that I never forget, how happy I seem to be getting, in “being thirty something” with each passing day.

**only words are mine, image is thankfully borrowed from “”


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