How I met you, my love!


Its been 25 weeks this Tuesday, since you and me connected. You know of my connection with you more than anyone else in this world, though I thought it might be interesting to tell you how I met you the first day.

Your dad and I had just returned from our much awaited vacation in Monaco and south of France in the first week of september. I was tired and sick probably from being on such a long and exerting road trip, but your dad thought differently, he knew you before I had the chance to find out. 🙂

Anyhow days turned to weeks and I saw you on my doctor’s screen couple of times, but you were nothing but a dot on a dark screen. I couldn’t believe some thing that non-existent was making me throw up so much, so all I felt was nausea and the need to get back to my feet.

Then came the week 12 and finally I saw you, though still so small, you were clear as a bright summer day. I watched in disbelief as you moved your arms around with the grace of a dancer and flipped like you were at it for years…

You and I, at week 18.

You and I, at week 18.

All my fears, my discomforts, my sickness washed away that day, I knew at that moment what love at first sight meant. I want you to know that I am counting each day like I have never done before,  till I hold you in my arms. I miss you every day.


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