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Apart from my usual photography work,  I am currently working on a collection of very short stories that I hope to get published in near future. Recently, I seemed to have run out of ideas for any more such short narrations and that reminded me of my almost forgotten blog.

As I went through what I had written earlier, I saw a missing theme, a much needed central idea for me to come up with those 100 stories that I want in this book. I wanted to write it here before I forget it since this blog has been my special place.

“Our Shelves, Our Markets, Our Lives are filled with Disposable commodities.

Our choices are becoming smart, we even use smarter objects every day. Amidst all this fast paced, ever changing life, our dimensions of human connection or “Love” per se, has changed.

We are today a smart generation with disposable relations, with too many objects and too few emotions, both equally at display on a Facebook home page.”



Love, My love!


I was told love is that cosy-comfy thing, that makes your world extra pink and fuzzy. I don’t know where I picked the notion that love was about googly eyes, cotton candies and romantic words. Love I knew, tucked you in your bed with a remote to watch a prime time TV show. Love gave unconditionally, and in turn loved you some more.

Living in those romantic chick flicks, I never learnt anything different from what I already knew, so when I finally met you, love seemed askew.

You pulled me out of warm home, to the cold and high place, you made me look down the deepest valleys, with fresh air brushing against my face. You threw me in the deepest waters, demanding that I learnt to swim, for you knew, how much I wanted to feel the rush, but never got around doing the real thing.

If I felt you did not care, for you never said a word, I always found your hand on the shelf, just above my head. You did not say sweet nothings when I did not feel so well, you nudged me, poked me, pushed me to fight it, instead. You let me fall, you let me rise, never picking me off the ground. if I ever thought you did not care, you were always there, watching me, I just had to look around.

For my love, I learnt what was the truth. Love’s not soft, loves not cuddly, it doesn’t write no songs. Love’s ferocious, love’s violent, still can last so long. It’s no pink, neither fuzzy, its Red and beats the passion down the heart. Love is a commitment, needs the strength, so can’t be given a blind start.

**Only text is mine, image is thankfully borrowed from Fabio’s F-zimba Photo stream..