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for my one liners


The idea is to, not settle for the idea of things, going ahead and doing the tangible act is the only real thing.

Ideal Thing!


Being loved for just being cute and loyal is the privilege for Puppies and group, you and I still need to work hard.

Earning Love!

Yes You!


whenever I think of the amount of time I spent thinking of you and then look at what you really are, I wonder, I must stop my habit of exaggerating on all that can go wrong!



Every day I create a new Me,

Erasing the one from day before.

Never happy with what was done earlier,

Getting better, yet wanting more!



The struggle here is not with growing up, it’s more like, how to keep up with oneself in the process of moving up.

To new year resolutions…


If only, new years were enough to bring about changes, self loathing is the first step to improving oneself. You can’t change what you don’t hate!



The best way to revenge, is to either keep your adversary alive in your writings or to ignore him till he fades away.

Brave, is it?


For some bravery is in the battle field,

some find it in the ocean,

so dark and deep,

 for me brave is the one who can strip himself/herself to the bones and admit,

 This is Me.

 This is ME.

Life n Death


Sometimes I feel, life is too over rated and death could do with less attention, but then, what would I know? I lack experience at both!