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First thing I noticed, was the darkness of her hair. The contrast between her fair skin with dark hair was as stark as, day and night. Her deep equally dark eyes, were worth drowning in and her beautiful voice was better than any melody, I ever heard.

“I hope you are rested now!

I heard her speak, I couldn’t figure out the words, but I knew she cared.

She had brought me flowers again, and I was drowning in the sweet summer smell.

“Do you know, how much I love that church?”

She was reading the paper and exclaiming over something, and all I felt was her spell.

She had just left, but I was missing her so much already.

I had only seen her couple of times and yet without her, it felt like Hell.

She came every few days, always with the lilies!

How did she know how much I loved those white things!

She was back again today, with a bigger bunch of flowers.

Oh that black dress! It made her look so beautiful.

She was sad, I could tell. I felt her touch, like from a distance, she was talking to me again.

She was telling an awful story, about kids being sent away.

She told me about the 34 troops who never came back.

I didn’t understand , what was she talking about and then I felt something wet.

Her tears were falling in  slow motion, tearing my heart.

I wish, I could just… do something, to make her stop but she went on, crying and talking, stopping only to light a candle.

She told me the horrors she read somewhere, which sounded faintly familiar.

Her voice seemed fainting, and screams grew nearer.

First, I just felt the heat, but I did not want to open my eyes. I heard men shouting every where, thunder, like a really bad storm, only it was getting hotter and hotter. I needed to open my eyes, but, I just couldn’t move. I felt the stabbing pain… I wanted to scream.

Her voice was trailing away….

“Its been 70 years today, you were just 18!”

**Living in Europe has made the World War so real, that it is impossible to think of it as an event from distant past. Every weekend, I end up finding a church with, hidden human remains in the basement or graves left as monuments for the soldiers who died in the war. This past weekend, I crossed a road and was confronted with over 700 graves of young soldiers, who died between 1939 – 1945. What are you suppose to tell a young one who died, more than 70 years ago for no fault of his own? They were all at least, 10 years younger than I am! My youngest sister is that old and they were lost for what, I am still to be told! 


in the dark recess of my mind


100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#46

Thinking of you is a sin and not thinking of you drives me crazy. I try to remember all the glorious moments we shared, the love we had and the promises of nothing would ever change. Instead I see all the lies that crept up in between, the harsh words exchanged like some video game. I remember you doing me wrong and expecting me to take it all in silence, staying strong. So while all is right in my life and I hope never to see you again… In the dark recess of my mind I wish, we meet just once again so I could Stab you once for all!

Bring me Love!


“Sometimes I get a feeling,

Deep in my soul

Sometimes I get a feeling,

I just can’t control

Sometimes I get a feeling,

Deep in my heart

It’s such a feeling that I know we’ll never part”

Even though, the soft darkness of night, has taken everything in and there is nothing really left, for me to still see. Like the song in my head, I seem to be stuck in my seat with no energy to get back in the house.

I can’t stop thinking of you!

After several years together and countless hours in the dark, I still don’t seem to be able to come up with the reason, WHY, we started out together.

Your shining ring around my finger, seems to be the only bright thing left, and I don’t know why, I still don’t seem to want to call everything off.

Who am i? – An optimist?

May be just a coward!  Ducking my head, in the hot bitterness, blinded by the pain, too scared to see!

But, if this is what it all boils down to, why are we still the social beings? Why are we still humane?

Like the endless pain and this midnight all questions, no answer game, I can’t seem to get this song out of me.

“Sometimes I get a feeling,

Deep in my heart

It’s such a feeling that I know we’ll never part”

 **only text belongs to me, image is thankfully borrowed from” http://www.wallpaperszz.com”

Being run over by dreams!


Thud… thud… thud…

I am not sure, if the loud bang is of my feet hitting the pavement, or my heart, beating loud in my chest. I try to synchronize the noise to the unwelcome thoughts in my head.

My failed attempts of keeping peace outside are beginning to fade away, as the clouds of the dark thoughts take over my sole existence.

The voices, the noises, the places, all that, I don’t want to see, I don’t want to hear, are looming over my head, like a giant shadow.

I run, run faster, hoping to escape, but only feel more torn in my gut.

“You can never run away from who you are!” I hear it again and again as I speed up.

“Play a different song”, I tell myself. “Keep running!”, “it’s just a dream!” I hear my voice like a distant thought.

I am still running, only to find, that I have reached the end of the road. I hear the loud dark shadows catching up on me. I know, I must turn and face my worst fears, but I just fall to the ground wishing, I was someplace else.