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Pick of the Day!


Today’s Pick of the Day is another talented artist/photographer from India, who has been an inspiration for me for some time now. He captures the majestic India in his own style without relying on expensive equipment…

To access his work you would need to step away from the comforts of word press and visit him either on Flikr or on FB. 




Pick of the Day!


Yesterday was probably one of those rare days, when I actually found something interesting on Facebook.

I stumbled upon this artist by accident but falling in love with his work was no fate. Each shot shared makes you imagine the amount of work that must have gone into it….His videos on street photography are worth the share,  great read for anyone who cares to carry a third eye!




Well Captured!



Saturdays are generally not the days I go online, as hubby is home on weekends and  I love to stay in real world for at least a day or two with him by my side. However today I couldn’t wait to sneak out of my bed to find some amazing blogs. While I read a few blogs on different topics, what I really wanted to find was some amazing pictures and after an hour and a half, I am glad to say, I did not waste my day. Here is my pick of the day, laced with beautiful shots and a story to go with each, a photography blog from Philippines, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Boy with a hat!




Finding Vincent was the highlight of my day yesterday, In the matter of reading a few posts, I absolutely fell in love with his amazing words. An avid reader, a furious writer and yet so young in years. A must read for every one who cares.

Pick of the day!



Today’s blog is a photoblog, but is not just limited to the pictures. Check it out yourself to know how differently this world can be perceived.