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Stuck on you!


Here is another story for Madison’s Friday Fictioneer group.

Feedback, constructive criticism, is most welcome.

My heart is restless and my limbs are stuck, stuck like a fool.

“Get out, before it gets you”

The voices in my head are getting louder and louder, but I still can’t move.

The more I struggle, more tangled I am left, with time, my life seems doomed.

There is no escape from this, I had it coming my way, falling for someone like you.

I am stuck in your lies, held down by own my anger and pain,

No matter, what I do, even after years, your thoughts are driving me insane.

I am so stuck, stuck on you!




The beauty of the night matched your mysterious eyes as your voice with the divine grace!

You descended from the heavens above every year, I was told. I did not belong here and I had no faith. I was warned of your weak heart and strong ways, yet I couldn’t stay away. You led me to the abandoned creek with stone shed. The moon looked prettier that night than it ever did before, I was lost to you, without mistake. Fooled by your wicked heavenly words, I gave too much, steeping your seed with my mortal blood.

You got your heir and he became one of the GODs. What did I get, besides being stoned in your love abode?


This picture was taken en route to Prashara Lake, in Himachal Pardesh, India, which is an interesting and mysterious place itself. However as for the story above, It is inspired from two incidents that I have read about in the past. 

1. Story of Ahilya, who was deceived into adultery, by the king of heaven Indera, and was cursed to turn into a stone when was caught by her husband ‘Maharishi Gautama’.

2. It was an interesting case study of a psychological break down of a woman in Himachal Pradesh, who was suffering from the hallucinations. She experienced the process of being raped, conceiving a child, labor pain in the matter of few hours every few days.  She felt the child to grow up quickly and run away. She was studied for the cause and cure without much success, while locals believed it to be the play of a native GOD.

Himachal is considered to be the land of GODs and some of them are notorious and famous for often falling in love with the local women.

I almost missed this week’s Friday Fictioneer by few hours as I was trying to locate that case study over the internet  to share here with no luck, I had read it in a library few years ago. Any how, It would have been utter shame, to miss on an opportunity to write a story on my own picture.  

***Constructive Criticism, as always is welcome.

Eloped in the mist!


“I don’t think this is the place.”

“Why not?”

“Cause, I can’t see a thing!”

“But they said, they will meet us here!”

” I guess they lied, wouldn’t be our first one, you see”

“Or maybe we just lost the trail….”

“Could be, but I doubt we can go back still.”

“How can you be so calm? I think I ‘m going to die right here.. my heart is missing the beat”

“Well, it’s either this or like a lonely old bitch,  you can take your pick.”

“Ya, at least they will think, we finally got picked.

**This is story is written in response to 100 words short fiction writing event hosted by Madison Woods. The prompt can be found here…


Constructive criticism is welcome.

Friday Fiction | Forbidden


Written for | Friday Frictioneers

“Berries, Berries, Berries…..”


His voice was like a hammer in my head. I was already fighting the taste of stale beer in my mouth, I didn’t want this.

“What do you want!”

“Mrs. Morris asked for real berries!”

“These are real, just a bit cold.”

“But we didn’t go up the hill to camp and pick berries, like we did with dad.”

And I lost it at that….

“Well, do you see your bastard of a dad anywhere around here?”

I don’t know if it was my shrilling, slurred, drunken voice or the loud thud of refrigerator door, he broke down.

“Mom! It’s not my fault, he’s gone.”

His every word cut deeper than the already stabbing feelings that I had in my gut and I knew then, I had to get myself together for both of us.

But all I could manage was, “I know honey, it was the Puerto Rican Bitch!”

Friday Fiction | Life, You and Me!


Written for Friday Fictioneers!

“Why don’t you ever talk to me!”

“I am tired of pretending that you can hear, that you care and you do have a heart – beating just for me!”

“Gosh, I wish I didn’t love you so much!”

With that, that little thing burst into tears. Her tears froze with the north wind that eventually washed her away.

But the tears remained, digging deep into the stone, till, they finally reached the heart and broke it apart!

**Feedback is welcome!

Beacky and Ducky on a sunny day!


Photo Prompt for 100-word Flash #FridayFictioneers


“Its Betty’s egg!!”


‘Think it through, it can not be betty’s egg!’

‘Why not?’

‘Cuz, its blue!’

‘Well now, May be flapping on Ducky’s head was bit over the top, but his stupidity gets me to lose my head. It’s our usual sunny day and we both decided to swim out of the lake and take a walk.

Its finally summer time and food is plenty… but this blue thing flying so high is making me all nervous here…’ I have never been big on flying and I don’t even know, if any bird can be that blue and go so high!

Anyways, I will just lay low and enjoy the show!

Kwak! Kwak!

FridayFictioneers – where the sun shines


Photo credit belongs to Douglas McIlroy

I couldn’t feel my feet. “I should have taken the snow shoes”, I cursed under the breath that was getting scarce, with every step forward.

I had taken off, the day before, in a fit of emotions. No Maps, no plans, no destination but also no meetings, planners and stress. My car gave up as soon as it turned dark over the valley, but I walked on, determined to find a morning, better than my usual ones.

Just as I was about to fall, being tired, cold and lost for whole night, I found the rising sun, right around the next mountain, shining down on me.

** this story was born to be part of Friday Fictioneers fun gang.