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Grieving heart!


angel-of-grief1Earlier this week  body of an infant was found in the back alley in our neighborhood. We live in a very calm n safe city, I couldn’t believe that anyone here was capable of such horrific act. it left me dumbfounded and I couldn’t get the baby out of my head the whole day.

May be I felt specially sensitive because those days my closest Friend’s new born was struggling for her life. She was born premature with a faulty heart. That little angel fought bravely for couple of weeks but gave in day before yesterday. And here I am like a fool, I can’t stop the tears from flowing. I am not a parent and yet I can’t seem to be able to detach myself from the pain of losing a child.

My heart is filled with anguish for the people who can throw away the tiny miracle of life on a dirty street like trash!

My heart can’t stop mourning for the loss of a mother who didn’t get to take her baby home!!

I firmly believe in GOD, I was raised to believe in God’s will. But for the first time in a long time I couldn’t seem to figure out his reasons and just when I thought of reminding him on how lousy a job he is doing down here, story of Bhishma Pitamah popped into my head. It felt like a bucket of ice cold water on my face. While our hearts will continue grieving for those innocent souls, I do believe now that those fallen angels are finally back home.

**only words are mine image is thankfully borrowed from http://www.counsellingtutor.com/the-4-tasks-of-greiving/




The beauty of the night matched your mysterious eyes as your voice with the divine grace!

You descended from the heavens above every year, I was told. I did not belong here and I had no faith. I was warned of your weak heart and strong ways, yet I couldn’t stay away. You led me to the abandoned creek with stone shed. The moon looked prettier that night than it ever did before, I was lost to you, without mistake. Fooled by your wicked heavenly words, I gave too much, steeping your seed with my mortal blood.

You got your heir and he became one of the GODs. What did I get, besides being stoned in your love abode?


This picture was taken en route to Prashara Lake, in Himachal Pardesh, India, which is an interesting and mysterious place itself. However as for the story above, It is inspired from two incidents that I have read about in the past. 

1. Story of Ahilya, who was deceived into adultery, by the king of heaven Indera, and was cursed to turn into a stone when was caught by her husband ‘Maharishi Gautama’.

2. It was an interesting case study of a psychological break down of a woman in Himachal Pradesh, who was suffering from the hallucinations. She experienced the process of being raped, conceiving a child, labor pain in the matter of few hours every few days.  She felt the child to grow up quickly and run away. She was studied for the cause and cure without much success, while locals believed it to be the play of a native GOD.

Himachal is considered to be the land of GODs and some of them are notorious and famous for often falling in love with the local women.

I almost missed this week’s Friday Fictioneer by few hours as I was trying to locate that case study over the internet  to share here with no luck, I had read it in a library few years ago. Any how, It would have been utter shame, to miss on an opportunity to write a story on my own picture.  

***Constructive Criticism, as always is welcome.

He was feeling Kind…


After 3 years and mere 70+31 posts ( I have 2 blogs and yes, I have been around for longer than you think), I can clearly see, that in life somewhere along the line, I have let myself down in more than one way.

There are things I did not do…

for I did not have time,


I chose to let go because they were conflicting with life,

But worst are those, I simply missed, cause I was too lazy or too cowered to try.

Life is never custom-made or handed on a platter to start with. It takes, endless hours and long days to make something worth mentioning out of it and my heart begins to sink when I think of all the lost time.

I started this blog, out of  a need. I need to write, just like I need to breathe. Being inactive here literally costs me time that I will never get again. If I have written, 101 posts in 3 years, I have spent 900 and 94 days brooding for not penning that day.

I write, because I love it. Period.  Still, it is so hard to come around and write a few words every day. 

You can’t turn to your family or Friends for support, for something so small, when you know they probably fighting bigger battles than your meagre identity crises and suddenly out of no where you find your self praying.

Praying to GOD for the courage it takes to face who you really are. Praying to GOD for the peace you have never known. Praying to be able to give up the temptation to succeed right away. Praying for a sign that will urge you on….

And then as if GOD is feeling too kind…

You have people coming along, Leaving you encouraging words, leaving you token of appreciation, tempting you with awards, to not give up just yet.

So I think, May be I will try to write, just one more time. 








** Image is thankfully borrowed from Wikipedia.

Dear God, Are you listening?


Do you believe in GOD??

I know, just yesterday I posted about Sex, Porn and Other stuff and today I am starting with the second, wait, may be THE most controversial thing/Person/Power in this world (No offence intended, GOD).

No, I am not trying to Mock anyone, especially not the Almighty here, for I sure do believe in him and that he is definitely male.

Now, how else would you explain all the complexities he has put us, the feeble women through. I don’t see any man having mood swings. I only see them Switching between, Eat, Work, Sex and Sleep, oh and yes laugh at stupid #$%^#& Fart Jokes, not necessarily in the same order.

Don’t think I am PMSing here and taking it all out on GOD and all his male kind. I am just sick and tired of going through this emotional upheaval every other day. One day I am riding the high horse and the very next I can barely drag myself out of my sack.

I am _ _ years old, well lets just say I am not a young-one any more and I am tired of,‘still trying to figure myself out’ act.

I say, Dear Lord! you better sort this whole thing out for me or I am gonna get you, sooner or later, I am gonna get you Good!