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Today he asked me to move in!

Besides the stupid voice in my head, all was fine.

“You are moving way ahead of yourself, Hang in there, just a little bit.“,

Like I said, Stupid voice.

How could I not do it?

He needed me!

He had not been keeping well due to all the take outs and late nights. He wanted to root in now, have someone to take care of him, to belong.

It felt so right!

We have been together for little over a year, we were best of friends and loved each other very much (I did). Obviously, it was a good decision.

But I still couldn’t get the stupid voice out of my head.

It’s been over a month that we were together, life was finally good.  Working in the same team had its perks and since he was working really late these days, I thought of sticking around, to help him with the same. He was working on a particular case and client seemed to be more than a little dumb.

From that day on, he would tell me, how little brain that woman had and how she needed him to be on call every second hour.  She was part of our regular jokes and the calls were extended beyond normal working hours, till one night I caught him helping her more than he should.

Within days, he asked me to move out, because he was in love.

And now I knew, the joke was on me!




Chapter 1 | Heart and all…




My eyes are glued to the screen,

“This isn’t happening!”,

“He can’t do this to me!”

Years and years, wasted on a lost hope, are running through my head.

Whenever I tried coming closer I was always blocked by the wall of lies, you had built around you.

You lied about your life, Your family, yourself, your dreams. What started with me pretending I didn’t notice, moved to tolerating everything wrong you did, just to get you to say the truth and ended with me leaving with no choice but to quit.

I still can’t believe you made me walk you through getting married, each day laced with some more lies.

I changed my job, my home, my town just to get away from you, I still have dreams of you, mocking me while I am down in deep pit.

This picture is taken from Google

And today again you have crept up in my life, with this bunch of lies.

I read through each word you have thrown in my direction with abuses no one deserves to hear.

I am left speechless, wondering, “did you really need to do this, Again?”