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Friendly chat!


My dearest friend,

come sit,

lets talk, like we have never before.

Tell me, about the world you are in,

Let me in your core.

Do you get scared too,

for having so many dreams?

do your thoughts come haunting,

wanting to make you scream?

How do you handle the restless mind,

is it easy to tame?

How do you put an end,

to all these mind games?

My dearest friend,

talk to me,

for I am here for you.

Never mind the loneliness,

often, I feel it too.


Li’l things!


It’s amazing how we go through life, wishing for all the big things/days, or defining moments, that will change our
lives. Starting from, Learning to walk or may be just growing up faster, First day at high school, first date/kiss, Graduation day, Getting married, hopefully not getting divorced and having kids and the list goes on….

But really?

Is it really on these days/moments that we turn into someone new?

Sure, we do get to change last name (if you wish) or get a title (if you are a doctor), but apart from that, does any of this really change anything?

I keep wondering, how, there are millions of little things, that make us who we are and yet, we never seem to be  aware, of them even happening!

I mean, I waited, and I really mean, ‘standing on one foot, holding my breath’, waited, for the life to happen somewhere in past 29 and a half years, but strangely enough I neglected every single minute I was living it.

And it applies to every thing, Like, men think, they need to buy pearly necklaces, for their woman to be really happy, when she might be just as content, in being asked out for a cup of coffee once in a while by the same man she’s been married to, for as long as she can remember. Similarly, a woman may be killing herself in the gym to stay sexy, to be wanted, when all she needs is, to be happy and smile, to attract a decent bloke.

Every couple wishes for their kids to do big things in life, they aren’t even born and the blue print of whole life is already set for the poor little kid.

Why? Why, is it so important for every thing to happen at a grand level?

Why, we don’t seem to understand that, the gravity was discovered, in a quiet moment, under an apple tree or how a single seagull led to spit fire, hence changing the world history.

There is nothing wrong in wanting to reach stars, but its the desire to leap, It’s, forgetting, that it takes millions of tiny little steps to get there, is what leads us to the unhappiness we feel.

**Only words are mine. Image is thankfully borrowed from http://mysite.verizon.net/vzepir4z/footprints/index.html

FridayFictioneers – where the sun shines


Photo credit belongs to Douglas McIlroy

I couldn’t feel my feet. “I should have taken the snow shoes”, I cursed under the breath that was getting scarce, with every step forward.

I had taken off, the day before, in a fit of emotions. No Maps, no plans, no destination but also no meetings, planners and stress. My car gave up as soon as it turned dark over the valley, but I walked on, determined to find a morning, better than my usual ones.

Just as I was about to fall, being tired, cold and lost for whole night, I found the rising sun, right around the next mountain, shining down on me.

** this story was born to be part of Friday Fictioneers fun gang.



May be, I am the kind of person who likes to see whole lot of small things, behind all the big nothings.

May be, I just want to fish a story or make one up in an empty space… but doesn’t   that make you feel so young and alive! Just like, being five all over again. Not so long ago, in moment of heat, I was told that ‘I am a spoiled eight year old with no sense of reality and who thinks this world is nothing but Cinderella’s big pumpkin.’

Well, in my defense, I would like to differ. I don’t think I am 8 years old, I am Five and I like it that ways.

Today, let’s just take a look at a place we all go for the stories – Blogs. Random Blogs!

I like the colorful, sensible yet fascinating blogging world, better than the real deal.  However, when ever I come across a blog, that has been estranged by his once proud owner, a sense of sadness takes me over. It’s like those beautiful left alone housing buildings. Don’t they spook you just a little? I mean, what does it take for one, to just get up one day and leave, Never coming back! I am sure it takes more than a day to leave a life behind!

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In  the world of blogs, we see lives, its like a whole new planet out here…

And there are so many of them, not just on wordpress, they are just there, one day thriving with amazing images, words, recipes, songs, secrets and then… well there is not another date.

It makes me sad.

If you have left someone/Blog behind, please come back, cause its waiting for you, right where you left it.

***These images are thankfully taken from http://hermuddysocks.wordpress.com/2012/01/02/abandoned/ 

A friend, who also inspired me to write this, cause i miss her in her blogging world. 

To new year resolutions…


If only, new years were enough to bring about changes, self loathing is the first step to improving oneself. You can’t change what you don’t hate!