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Who’s laughing now!


Who so ever said, “Life’s Hard”, was way off!

Life to me, seems like this flexible thing, ever-changing under the pressure of our dreams, hopes and sometimes under sheer will.

What it although is, a Sarcastic B**** with a dry wit. It doesn’t complain against our efforts of constantly changing its course, It awaits, almost silently, till the moment you have it all exactly how you once wished  it to be and then gloats watching you suffer and wishing for the things to be different again.





The best way to revenge, is to either keep your adversary alive in your writings or to ignore him till he fades away.

My first copyright conflict!


(I am totally not in the mood to write today, but I promised to pen something on every week day, so here is my half heart summary of my not so perfect Saturday.)

The obvious golden glow of warm winter sun tricked me this Saturday into doing something really dumb. Not that I don’t claim myself to be a true blonde, but this one has broken all the records that were there till day.

Well, I told my darling husband about my blogging habit, Sigh!

What’s wrong with that?


I not only told him about my photo blog but literally dragged him to take a look.

I hate to admit that he is a better photographer than I and has taught me all the tricks. So what started with a quiet Click! Click! Of tongue, moved to occasional feedback and suddenly ended with a long stern stare at this pic.

The image is thankfully borrowed from http://marshill.org/copyright-legal/

‘You dint click this one’, he said in his scary low tone.  

Of course I did! Remember when we took that trip!

And I saw his eyebrow going up. He quickly opened his system, showed me the date and time stamp when it was clicked, true enough it was clicked by his camera and there were more than one picture of the same spot. We generally use different cameras but his being better, I borrow often enough.  I was so sure about it being my work, but now I no longer know.

‘Do you want me to take it off? ‘

‘No, but you dint click it you should know. ‘

“It will be mine, with everything else, if I chose to leave you today”, (I bit my tongue knowing it wasn’t wise thing to say. )

This sucks! Even before I got famous and rich, people have started claiming my work. 😦

I am going to take this picture off my blog but till then you can sneak a peek.

“The Liebster Blog award”!


So here is a perfect day wasted, in being frustrated, irritated and low. All, for no apparent reason at all.


May be, but Just past the afternoon, I realized that no one is going to show up to change a thing. So I decided to snap out of it myself. There I was, thinking of all the good things that could happen to people, ahem, me. Although, I must admit, nothing in the list could equal, being awarded as someone’s favorite thing.


So, finally today, first time ever, I have received an award, “The Liebster Blog Award”!

I jumped up and down,

 Screamed a little,


 Screamed some more,

 Yes, yes, Yes, I did it, I did it!

 But then, it dawned on me, I didn’t know, what the hell is The Liebster Blog award?

The GOD of Internet : Google, quickly came to my rescue, and enlightened me with the details.

“Liebster” is a German word, literally translating to being favorite or beloved. Blah, Blah, Blah!

So with some more, OH MY GAWD! OH MY GAWD! I found out the rules:

1. Must thank the presenter. (Like one would forget, Huh! People like me would have spent their lives rehearsing the thank you note.)

2. Link back to the presenter. (I am not so sure how that’s done, but sounds fair.)

3. Copy the award in your blog. (My Favorite!)

4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed. (that shouldn’t be so hard)

5. Leave a note to all the lucky souls. ( Yes Sir)

Thank you Eliza, for considering me worth a second thought.

So, Linking is done (I think), I will add the logo later.

Moving on to number 4, I am avid reader, so I have a long list of favorite blogs here, since award is for new and upcoming bloggers I am skipping the obvious big names.

 To come up with this list was harder than I thought, for both technical and emotional reasons. But here are my finalists:

1. Mike’s look at life: In my opinion this is the most amazing combination of pictures and words to describe a life well lived.

2. Mike10613: Another mike in my list, like he says ‘this site is English, get used to it’, is a blog by an English bloke, about simple things that make life.

3. Muddy Socks: At first look, it might seem like a personal journal, but really is a story about fight of a soul against oneself, in pursuit of her dreams.

4. Little Miss Vix: she is my favorite bed time story-teller, period.

5. The Understander: This blog should be listed in the most dangerous weapons of mass destruction, the man behind it, is capable of killing you remotely, with a fit of laughter, just with his words.  

On a serious thought, I really like the idea behind this award, “You must Share the best of what life throws at you.”