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Today he asked me to move in!

Besides the stupid voice in my head, all was fine.

“You are moving way ahead of yourself, Hang in there, just a little bit.“,

Like I said, Stupid voice.

How could I not do it?

He needed me!

He had not been keeping well due to all the take outs and late nights. He wanted to root in now, have someone to take care of him, to belong.

It felt so right!

We have been together for little over a year, we were best of friends and loved each other very much (I did). Obviously, it was a good decision.

But I still couldn’t get the stupid voice out of my head.

It’s been over a month that we were together, life was finally good.  Working in the same team had its perks and since he was working really late these days, I thought of sticking around, to help him with the same. He was working on a particular case and client seemed to be more than a little dumb.

From that day on, he would tell me, how little brain that woman had and how she needed him to be on call every second hour.  She was part of our regular jokes and the calls were extended beyond normal working hours, till one night I caught him helping her more than he should.

Within days, he asked me to move out, because he was in love.

And now I knew, the joke was on me!




Sex, Porn and Talent


The other day, I was talking to my girlfriends and topic of Sex came up. Now, if I was back home, it sure would have given me the “Stoned” effect, however I think, being in Netherlands changes things.

Conversation grew more and more personal and after digging through every ones bedroom and libido upside down, we moved on to discussing Porn.


The mere word makes me jump a little and causes me to look over my shoulder.

Well, on my confession of disliking the usual Porn videos and stuff, so many kind souls stepped up to rescue me.

“May be you haven’t seen the good kinds.”, one of them beamed. 

“Right, You just don’t know where to find the right stuff, I will send you a few links.” Other offered. 

“The shop on the XXX Street is good too!”


(followed by that great silence, for the desired effect)

“we all have different tastes, may be you don’t know yours yet.” I heard the new voice, that didn’t belong to our table.

We had almost forgotten that our order had arrived and our conversation had hooked our waitress too.


“Now, don’t make us beg you to enlighten us.”

Luckily, it dint take any persuasion from our end to keep the information flowing….

“Well there are kinds of Porn, Motion, Still Pics, Cartoons, and Stories, may be this boring soul here may like to try something other than the usual Hot movies…”

and that’s where it all begun!

Now, i am not saying that, that chatty afternoon changed my life for good or any thing, but I do dig good stories, so off I went….

You wouldn’t believe how much crappy fantasies people have on the internet, but after days  of hard work (mostly my pleasure), I found a few that I just can’t keep to myself.

There are few writers that can make you like even the worst nightmares of any healthy, sane person, just by the power of narration.

No wonder, good stuff can be found anywhere regardless of the place and time.

Check out….


Name is Furry Bert and man this woman can write.

Even though, I hate the idea of non consensual Sex, but this girl made me want some too…

The way she wrote the story, full of violence yet a love story just around the corner waiting to happen. No matter how cliché  the idea of falling in love with your hunter might be, I still loved the way she wrote it.

I was so impressed by few of her stories that I had to know more about the writer herself, I checked a bit and found the same person has published one of her good stories as an e-book too. Now that’s SOME work.


Name is MS_Girl23

Man this girl can write… better than any Sidney Sheldon Novel, I have ever read!

No matter how dirty the place gets, there is always a Gem ready to shine through, I hope to read More of Furry Bert and MS_Girl23 stuff and not just on the naughty side of the internet.

What women want!


When I saw her first, she looked like a doll in that window, in her blue swim suit. So still and beautiful, one hand on the waist, other on the glass, looking for something or someone, she stood tall. A hooker, they called her, a hooker in the Rossebuurt, but I don’t think she was more than sixteen.

She haunts me day and night, even though it’s been days since the scene. I wonder about all the possible romantic reasons of her being inside of that pretty draped room. “May be she was waiting for her ‘Richard Gere’, that pretty woman.

Isn’t that what we all want? – Possibility of romance, no matter how grave the life itself might be!

When I was younger, I remember listening to endless romantic/sad songs. Tears came easy and mood was romantic, that’s all I knew about world.

Even while growing I saw numerous romantic movies, from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ to ‘He’s just not that into you’ I wanted to be one of them, lost in love even though it pained.

Unlike men, we are ready to suffer, for the sake of living the dream, we cling on to hard lives, curses, difficult relationships, abuses and all that, for the sake of being in love.

It’s a need, just like water, air and food…

a need, a man would know none of…

Little bit of romance, a love story to call our own.