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Pick of the Day!


Today’s Pick of the Day is another talented artist/photographer from India, who has been an inspiration for me for some time now. He captures the majestic India in his own style without relying on expensive equipment…

To access his work you would need to step away from the comforts of word press and visit him either on Flikr or on FB. 




Pick of the Day!


Yesterday was probably one of those rare days, when I actually found something interesting on Facebook.

I stumbled upon this artist by accident but falling in love with his work was no fate. Each shot shared makes you imagine the amount of work that must have gone into it….His videos on street photography are worth the share,  great read for anyone who cares to carry a third eye!




Walking towards a Dream!


Not so long ago, after years of being afraid, busy, lazy and a lot more, I finally ran out of excuses. I wasn’t getting any younger and I finally did not have any reason to not do what I thought, I always wanted to do. Its a scary feeling, when you don’t have any reason to hide behind, anyone to blame, for not chasing your dreams.  So here I am, after long sulking, I finally gave in and came up with Loud Frame.

Loud Frame, is a Digital Art Studio, where I am currently working and producing photographic art for the collectors across the globe.  Since its just a beginning, I will fine tune the details later (the website, the FB page and more), right this moment I just want to share the news with the bunch of nicest people I have (actually never met!) ever known. There have been moments when my blogging buddies have been more real than the real world out there…

PS. – If any of you are ever interested in any of the work, Please don’t forget to ask for Family discount!


Well Captured!



Saturdays are generally not the days I go online, as hubby is home on weekends and  I love to stay in real world for at least a day or two with him by my side. However today I couldn’t wait to sneak out of my bed to find some amazing blogs. While I read a few blogs on different topics, what I really wanted to find was some amazing pictures and after an hour and a half, I am glad to say, I did not waste my day. Here is my pick of the day, laced with beautiful shots and a story to go with each, a photography blog from Philippines, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Pick of the day!



Gee, as I like to call her, doesn’t need my telling, that her blog is the best, just like her. She has been the most pleasant acquaintance I have made here and many a times my reason to come back to Word Press after my long blips.   Its time you find her as well.

Pick of the day!



This world through young eyes. Simple yet touching words tempered with amazing pictures, created by a young girl, in search of all things beautiful.

Pick of the day!



Today’s blog is a photoblog, but is not just limited to the pictures. Check it out yourself to know how differently this world can be perceived.

Pick of the day !


July 27’12


I know, I did not technically find Charlie and Tom Today, but it really is a number 1 collection of Nature photography. I have known this blog for a while now and even though I had coasted away from WordPress time to time, they never failed to come up with something breath-taking every day. Beautiful pictures, laced in, simple yet compelling words, is what makes you look forward to receiving a new post every single day.

I love their work!



May be, I am the kind of person who likes to see whole lot of small things, behind all the big nothings.

May be, I just want to fish a story or make one up in an empty space… but doesn’t   that make you feel so young and alive! Just like, being five all over again. Not so long ago, in moment of heat, I was told that ‘I am a spoiled eight year old with no sense of reality and who thinks this world is nothing but Cinderella’s big pumpkin.’

Well, in my defense, I would like to differ. I don’t think I am 8 years old, I am Five and I like it that ways.

Today, let’s just take a look at a place we all go for the stories – Blogs. Random Blogs!

I like the colorful, sensible yet fascinating blogging world, better than the real deal.  However, when ever I come across a blog, that has been estranged by his once proud owner, a sense of sadness takes me over. It’s like those beautiful left alone housing buildings. Don’t they spook you just a little? I mean, what does it take for one, to just get up one day and leave, Never coming back! I am sure it takes more than a day to leave a life behind!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In  the world of blogs, we see lives, its like a whole new planet out here…

And there are so many of them, not just on wordpress, they are just there, one day thriving with amazing images, words, recipes, songs, secrets and then… well there is not another date.

It makes me sad.

If you have left someone/Blog behind, please come back, cause its waiting for you, right where you left it.

***These images are thankfully taken from http://hermuddysocks.wordpress.com/2012/01/02/abandoned/ 

A friend, who also inspired me to write this, cause i miss her in her blogging world. 

My first copyright conflict!


(I am totally not in the mood to write today, but I promised to pen something on every week day, so here is my half heart summary of my not so perfect Saturday.)

The obvious golden glow of warm winter sun tricked me this Saturday into doing something really dumb. Not that I don’t claim myself to be a true blonde, but this one has broken all the records that were there till day.

Well, I told my darling husband about my blogging habit, Sigh!

What’s wrong with that?


I not only told him about my photo blog but literally dragged him to take a look.

I hate to admit that he is a better photographer than I and has taught me all the tricks. So what started with a quiet Click! Click! Of tongue, moved to occasional feedback and suddenly ended with a long stern stare at this pic.

The image is thankfully borrowed from http://marshill.org/copyright-legal/

‘You dint click this one’, he said in his scary low tone.  

Of course I did! Remember when we took that trip!

And I saw his eyebrow going up. He quickly opened his system, showed me the date and time stamp when it was clicked, true enough it was clicked by his camera and there were more than one picture of the same spot. We generally use different cameras but his being better, I borrow often enough.  I was so sure about it being my work, but now I no longer know.

‘Do you want me to take it off? ‘

‘No, but you dint click it you should know. ‘

“It will be mine, with everything else, if I chose to leave you today”, (I bit my tongue knowing it wasn’t wise thing to say. )

This sucks! Even before I got famous and rich, people have started claiming my work. 😦

I am going to take this picture off my blog but till then you can sneak a peek.