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Dark Angel



First thing I noticed, was his dark hair, I opened my eyes a little more, to see him sleeping on the chair, by the bed. I don’t remember how he found me or where I was…

I recalled, it’s been three days I haven’t slept; my eyes looked like, as if stoned. In my struggle to open the drawer and pop a pill, my body had failed again. A voice in my head kept on shouting, like a throbbing vein, “you need to learn to sleep without them, you can’t be like this for long.” And I had to get out of my home.

“His eyes must be dark too”, I wondered. He caught me looking at him, as I was drifting in and out.
I could almost swear, I saw a horn and tail, but when he smiled, it was the best I had seen.
He asked me to take some more rest and I fell asleep without a stall.
It’s been years since then, I sleep like a child in your arms every night. There’s not a day, I have been without you. How will I even breathe if you were ever gone?






“He is going to be your new assistant. “

 “Sweetheart, I already have someone to assist me, you will need to deploy him someplace else.”

“But he is new here and needs mentoring, it’s only till after he is trained.”  she sounded as if rushed.

I looked up to find my office admin looming over my head with a tall guy.

“Oh okay”, I nodded to my assistant to show the new fellow his seat and turned back to my work.

I found him later that day, standing alone in the corner of the cafeteria, looking lost.

I motioned him to come and join me.

He had some food on his plate, which I couldn’t imagine any human eating,

 “Where did you get that from?

“My mother packed me some lunch.”

That was the first time, I noticed his eyes… two pale wet holes, blinking out of control. He never looked straight at anything. I caught him stealing glances in my direction and kept eating without another word.

That was two weeks ago, its Christmas Eve today and I found him again, alone in the car park.

He seemed to have forgotten where he had parked his car and I offered to help him look for it.

“Are you going home for Christmas?”, I asked to get the conversation going.

“I live with my mother”.

It was quiet again.

 “what’s wrong?”

 For next half an hour, he went on about his girl who left him 2 years ago, after 5 years of being in love, while I tried listening to his lifeless tone. It felt like waking up from a dream when we finally stopped in front his car.

I looked up to see his pleading eyes again and felt a chill run through my spine.

I turned and walked away, shuddering,

“Can people really expect to be loved, just because they are begging you, PLEASE?”