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The Damn Song!


And I finally found that song!

Couple of years back, I had major heartache, not that it has left me much since, but I thought I had learnt to deal with it, till I found this song again today.

I used to listen to this song like a mad man over and over again. I would have heard it at least a million times, if not more, back then.

As days went by and breathing continued without much damage than, an obvious weight loss and missing heart, I forgot the song.

Ever since then, I had been trying to find it again.

The heartache continued even though it kept on switching from love, pain, anger to hate depending on the hour of the day, and I still couldn’t recall the song.

Today it has been a few years since the original day and the pain is worse than ever, and I thought, damn it! If I would listen to that song once, I will feel better for sure.

Boy was I wrong, I found the song and along with it I found every thing I lived then.

But I still love the song.

(Its in Hindi, so for those who care to know…

It basically means,

I cant even breath without you, my love, i have been everywhere, without caring about the day or night and i still cant stop looking for you…. i cant be without you even for a minute and now even death is not coming easy, no prayer is helping and i cant breath without you….. or something like that…)




May be, I am the kind of person who likes to see whole lot of small things, behind all the big nothings.

May be, I just want to fish a story or make one up in an empty space… but doesn’t   that make you feel so young and alive! Just like, being five all over again. Not so long ago, in moment of heat, I was told that ‘I am a spoiled eight year old with no sense of reality and who thinks this world is nothing but Cinderella’s big pumpkin.’

Well, in my defense, I would like to differ. I don’t think I am 8 years old, I am Five and I like it that ways.

Today, let’s just take a look at a place we all go for the stories – Blogs. Random Blogs!

I like the colorful, sensible yet fascinating blogging world, better than the real deal.  However, when ever I come across a blog, that has been estranged by his once proud owner, a sense of sadness takes me over. It’s like those beautiful left alone housing buildings. Don’t they spook you just a little? I mean, what does it take for one, to just get up one day and leave, Never coming back! I am sure it takes more than a day to leave a life behind!

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In  the world of blogs, we see lives, its like a whole new planet out here…

And there are so many of them, not just on wordpress, they are just there, one day thriving with amazing images, words, recipes, songs, secrets and then… well there is not another date.

It makes me sad.

If you have left someone/Blog behind, please come back, cause its waiting for you, right where you left it.

***These images are thankfully taken from http://hermuddysocks.wordpress.com/2012/01/02/abandoned/ 

A friend, who also inspired me to write this, cause i miss her in her blogging world. 

Bring me Love!


“Sometimes I get a feeling,

Deep in my soul

Sometimes I get a feeling,

I just can’t control

Sometimes I get a feeling,

Deep in my heart

It’s such a feeling that I know we’ll never part”

Even though, the soft darkness of night, has taken everything in and there is nothing really left, for me to still see. Like the song in my head, I seem to be stuck in my seat with no energy to get back in the house.

I can’t stop thinking of you!

After several years together and countless hours in the dark, I still don’t seem to be able to come up with the reason, WHY, we started out together.

Your shining ring around my finger, seems to be the only bright thing left, and I don’t know why, I still don’t seem to want to call everything off.

Who am i? – An optimist?

May be just a coward!  Ducking my head, in the hot bitterness, blinded by the pain, too scared to see!

But, if this is what it all boils down to, why are we still the social beings? Why are we still humane?

Like the endless pain and this midnight all questions, no answer game, I can’t seem to get this song out of me.

“Sometimes I get a feeling,

Deep in my heart

It’s such a feeling that I know we’ll never part”

 **only text belongs to me, image is thankfully borrowed from” http://www.wallpaperszz.com”