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Looking for new…


WordPress, is not just a notepad, but also a place I get to read, know the writer a bit and share a feeling of ease. Since, most of the blogs that I used to follow have either disappeared with time or have turned into something I can’t relate to, so I am out again, looking for fresh blog roll…

My purpose here is, to find a good blog, enjoy what I find, and take the learning with me. I do not expect a Quid pro quo, hence please don’t feel obligated to like a post I wrote or follow the blog just because I did the same.

My Pick of the day!

July 26’12


Today I found Robin, or I think NortumBrianlight found me. It’s a simple blog, soaked in the scent of wisdom, gathered with years of being around. I like it, for the simplicity of topics and beautiful, non-complicated choice of words. The posts are short, hence you don’t have to worry about leaving it for later, if you are short on time.  

**Image is thankfully borrowed from, “http://vectoravenue.com/design/vector-of-a-woman-reading-fine-print-with-a-magnifying-glass-by-ron-leishman-2063




May be, I am the kind of person who likes to see whole lot of small things, behind all the big nothings.

May be, I just want to fish a story or make one up in an empty space… but doesn’t   that make you feel so young and alive! Just like, being five all over again. Not so long ago, in moment of heat, I was told that ‘I am a spoiled eight year old with no sense of reality and who thinks this world is nothing but Cinderella’s big pumpkin.’

Well, in my defense, I would like to differ. I don’t think I am 8 years old, I am Five and I like it that ways.

Today, let’s just take a look at a place we all go for the stories – Blogs. Random Blogs!

I like the colorful, sensible yet fascinating blogging world, better than the real deal.  However, when ever I come across a blog, that has been estranged by his once proud owner, a sense of sadness takes me over. It’s like those beautiful left alone housing buildings. Don’t they spook you just a little? I mean, what does it take for one, to just get up one day and leave, Never coming back! I am sure it takes more than a day to leave a life behind!

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In  the world of blogs, we see lives, its like a whole new planet out here…

And there are so many of them, not just on wordpress, they are just there, one day thriving with amazing images, words, recipes, songs, secrets and then… well there is not another date.

It makes me sad.

If you have left someone/Blog behind, please come back, cause its waiting for you, right where you left it.

***These images are thankfully taken from http://hermuddysocks.wordpress.com/2012/01/02/abandoned/ 

A friend, who also inspired me to write this, cause i miss her in her blogging world. 



Words were like tears to me, they used to cloud my soul and start to flow at most awkward moments. When I was happy, sad or angry, only way I knew of showing, was through writing a line or two. Today, I sit idle, waiting for the tears to form or words to flow, none show up. I fail to understand why 2 most important forms of expression have deserted me without any warning. I keep looking up a line here and a line there that I left so carelessly on different places and I don’t even feel nostalgic looking at them.

I was sent a hate mail by a long lost friend today. It had accusations and words used to refer to me which I thought no decent man would use for a woman. Even then, I couldn’t summon a tear or word in reaction to that mail. I know it’s tearing me apart from the inside, but I just can’t get it out. Writing was the only way of healing I knew and now, I seem to have lost the way of life.