Chapter 1 | Heart and all…


‘Isn’t it suppose to be loud, when a heart breaks?’

After all, heart is the centre of universe, at least for the one it belongs to!

But then, heart never breaks in a single blow, does it?

It’s a slow, long and pain full process, taking blows after blows from the ones it loves, before it starts to leak emotions and pain held inside the beautiful shell, till, one silent moment the empty shell falls apart.

Hence the silence…  there is nothing inside to flow, to make noise or to cry one last tear.

The image is thankfully borrowed from “”

Well, there are exceptions to this theory too –  like, when your beloved man/woman, suddenly finds a ‘skank/loser’, he/she can not live without. But I am sure, even that won’t be a sudden blow, it will be built upon, carefully knitted lies and stories you didn’t see leading to this!

As for me, none of the above would be true, as my heart broke of long inactivity.

Not that, I am not ‘Happily Married’, if that has anything to do with having a healthy heart. Who so ever told me, that a heart lives a long ‘happily ever after life’  once you find true love, was way off the truth.In fact, its only after that, the real trouble starts.

‘We suffer and suffer in loneliness, for someone to come along…. only to make us more miserable. ‘

I don’t get it, why none of the books on relationship advice ever warn us, of the sheer boredom that can kill the heart like an aged mule?

Doing dishes, seems to be the time I have allocated to my relationship analysis. Every time, as soon as I touch the first china, without any pre warning, I plunge into these endless dialogues. They seem utterly dramatic in my head but I doubt, would be worth talking about. For one, I lack all that it takes for the story to be interesting, there is not romantic love chase, no hard separation, no damsel in distress or a hero coming to her rescue. Second, I lack the much required audience.

to be continued….


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