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Being loved for just being cute and loyal is the privilege for Puppies and group, you and I still need to work hard.

Earning Love!


Random Thoughts!


Since I really don’t want to ruin my day by not penning something, I am here to write again. I don’t have any story popping in my head today as I seem to be swamped with random thoughts and emotions, so to say.

My husband hates my habit of being so out-of-order or logic. I once asked him to get me a new playlist for my running routine and my current playlist almost got me screwed, I had an all in one list, with music ranging from, country, jazz, pop, hip hop and not to forget regional in it.

Where is the theme??

So just like the playlist I have no theme today.

I am still not over thinking about that ridiculous yet troubling message I got on my FB  the other day, from a fake profile, claiming to be from my past.  I am also irritated, as all my favourite shows like supernatural and scrubs are turning into a big disappointment. I hate to see so much clutter around me and its my hubby’s birthday month and I have no idea how to make a big fuss about it. Phew! Man, do I crib!!

With Raksha bandhan today, it’s the beginning of the season of festivals in India, even though the official start will only happen in October , when navratras will start and will go on till mid of January.Me and my partner are from different religious backgrounds,  so we get to have bunch of extra festive days.  Funnily, festivals can make you feel so home sick, no matter how sick your family may makes you feel, any other day.

Any how, regardless of the randomness of my state of mind right now, I am just happy, knowing that I will end up making this day worth something, before I hit the sack. Oh and I got to do something about my ridiculously long sentences. Freak! I am sounding like those characters in Scrubs. Extra Freak!!!

Gotta go now, I have a great day to look forward to, I hope you do the same.

***This image is work of John Pack, Thankfully borrowed from “http://www.illustrationsource.com/stock/image/28959/collage-of-human-thoughts-with-brain/?&results_per_page=1&detail=TRUE&page=3

Stepping Up!


Last year, I read Chicken soup for writers soul. The book is amazing and leaves you with a lot to think about. Even though the book was filled with stories from all sorts of writers, but one just stood out to me. I do not remember the name of the writer or the fine details, but I remember, that her mother used to make up tons of stories for them, she used to tell them about the books she will write someday, never really penning a word.

That’s really how it is with me all the time. On most average days, I pan out about three to four stories in my awake hours, all in my head,  sadly enough hardly any of them ever make it to the paper.

Why do I do that?

Is it just because I am too lazy?

Or am I afraid, that I wont be able to do justice to the concept, it deserves?

Regardless of the reasons, I feel its time to change my ways, without caring about the out come, I will just type away every story that is crying out loud to be told,  for any one who cares.

**Image is work of  Neathasha Neat Pieces, and has been thankfully borrowed from her on line portfolio.  

Chapter 1 | Heart and all…