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                      “Luck is a fancy word used too often to disguise the years of back breaking work!”

If you just read the above line and thought I must be the ungrateful kinds who has forgotten GOD and all his blessings, read again. If it made you think that its my arrogance that i speak such words I insist that you give it a second thought. If you think I am blaming others for belittling my hard work, am afraid you may have to reconsider.

Let me explain…

The above statement is neither a challenge nor a blame, its a mere reflection on how we all think on an average given day. I, for instance, have rejected my failures on the name of bad luck for years. I have been jealous of those who achieved the goals while I sat there cursing my stars. But if I was to poke a little deeper and pick on each action taken by those ‘lucky ones’, in comparison to my own, the only difference found was the lack of any such action at my end.

While I do believe, that being born and perishing away are the sheer play of God, every thing that happens in between is driven by us all. There is always a choice between, easy or hard, right or wrong, now or later, yes or no and we pick our cards. While most of us do it blindly, taking the easier option whenever they can,there do exist a few, very few, who do play by the rules. They know right from wrong, they face their fears, they work till dawn and only God knows after how many nights spent without sleep, result in that one ‘lucky’ strike, that one hand of ‘fate’, that changes it all.




We have seen it in the movies! We have read it in the books!

Some of us might even have lived it in the past.

There is always a day, when nothing goes right and when you think the worst has already happened, someone would take you to the new low. He will show you the mirror in the nastiest way and you would wish you were never born. But once the blow is over you could either spend the night crying and cursing the cruel one or grab a paper and pen to make notes, where did you go wrong, what can you do now, to never let anyone talk to you ever again the way that person did.

 We all need our alchemist to test us, to break us, to take us to the traps we would be tested in, till we succeed. The journey is never pretty, but end, my friend, end is always in our hands.  

Not so long ago, someone shook me to my very core.

 My Reaction –

 To be honest, I am one of those, who are naturally born, to grab a box of Kleenex at every opportunity and drown themselves in self-pity and sleep soundly on a very wet pillow, to wake up to being the same miserable selves, the very next day. It’s a survival technique, nothing rubs on us for long, so we continue to exist.  

Only, if only, I had continued to be that way! To my dismay, I chose to evolve, to take the game to a new level (hopefully not lower). So I spent that night thinking of my wrong ways. Today however I feel so proud of myself, because not only have I surprised myself with my ability to improve so quickly, I have left my critique speechless too.

My current success is what Paulo Coelho would have called the beginners luck.

  • Nonetheless, I seem to have taken control over my home. (Yes! Going to be a super home maker! I suck at it, as if now.)
  • I have already finished 2 books in 4 days. (50 is what I wish to achieve by the end of this year and in my defense they were small with about 200 pages each)
  • I am totally consistent on anything I am committing to!

 It’s only the start, I know, I have long way to go.

So, did any one shook you up lately?