Sunshine Blog Award!


Okay, Step aside my dearest friends, I think I am on to something here!

In all seriousness, this might be the new world record  of my delayed action on ”Things to do’.

Some time in late march Ellie honored me with her generous sprinkle of sunshine and I am not sure how but I seemed to have missed acting upon it. So my dearest Ellie I thank you with all my heart and to prove that your effort was not in vain, I am here to carry forward your thread.

Ideally As per the rules I am suppose to tell you 7 things about myself, which to be honest I find rather waste of time. Why would you want to know about a perfect stranger! But here is the scoop if you still do.

Instead, Let me share 5 sunniest people I have ever met here at WordPress, You will definitely enjoy their blogs as much as I do. Here is the list in no particular order.

Madison Woods – She is a friend, a mentor, a terrific writer, a distant voice I like to talk to. She is an inspiring story and she is currently living amidst nature to make a life of her dreams come true. She is the mother of ‘Friday flash fiction’ that got many wanna be writers like myself get out and actually write.

Gilly Mbachu Goldsworthy – G, as I like to call her, is that kind voice that we all need. She amazes me with her ability to be always there to encourage you, to guide you and to make you feel wanted. She is a proud new Gramma of lil Scarlett, check the lil one out here.

Dianne Gray – A real celebrity Writer! I have read couple of her books and she is absolutely great. Her mystery packed stories are so convincing that you would actually believe them for facts. She is  an active blogger and is down to earth beyond my imagination. She is a constant source of inspiration. Her books can be found here.

Arindam Mohapatra – I have had the honor to witness the journey of this shy fellow Indian blogger. Couple of years ago he took a leap of faith and started sharing his words in the language that wasn’t our first. A young man who back then bravely struggled not just with his thoughts but medium of expression too, is now a proud published writer of I Wish and Hope.

Coco J. Ginger – Who is Coco J. Ginger? I have no Idea, but every time I read her posts, I envy her words for not having thought of them myself. I love her boldness, her crazy sass. If I was a guy I would have followed her to the heavens above or the hell below.

Along with these 5 veteran bloggers in my reader, Here are 7 new ones I found recently.

Spice of Life – Is an interesting blog, the owner/author has assigned 101 targets to herself ( I am assuming ‘Her’ as there was a mani/padi and facial in the wish-list) to be completed in 1001 days. I am still discovering her posts. Why don’t you join the quest.

Stephen Murphy – is an ex-navy, an amazing poet and a wonderful photographer. He has written and published a collection. I have just found his blog and going to relish his work bit by bit. I hope you do the same.

Vicky – is studying photography in Canada and I think the work already is exquisite. Don’t you agree?

Just a girl – for a 17 year old she is wiser than her years. Her words are powerful and images strong. Check her out now.

Into the dark blue sea – Images in this blog are nostalgic, they arouse emotions that I am yet to contemplate. See if they leave the same effect on you.

Ludovico Verducci –  I met this handsome Italian young man in a photography competition in The Netherlands and later found his blog. He collects moments on his travels and turns them into wonderful pictures. His simple yet engaging words laced with his  beautiful work makes for an interesting blog.

Taking the Kitchen – My today’s triumph! This blog seems to me, is about a journey that starts in the kitchen with the food but doesn’t end there. Come with me as we take baby steps around to see what delicious treat it may have in store.

“My dearest friends,  sunshineaward

Old and new,

Yes, you above,

All of you…

Close your eyes,

and Open your heart…

Sun Shine is coming through!”


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  1. Thanks a lot for these kind words. You are a really talented person and appreciation from you means a lot. 🙂 Sending lots of good wishes your way!!

  2. Thank you Piya, you honor me. I laughed out loud about your procrastination at having responded late to this award! And I enjoyed reading your introductions to your nominations. I love how you are able to see so clearly that way.

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